Vivien Haley Natura 2 Collage 2014

Vivien Haley Natura 2 Collage detail 2014   30cm x 37cm

Essence of the Hand

In an ever changing world, mass produced objects have become essential to our lives. They may be utilitarian and attractive, while offering little else other than functionality.

Handmade pieces however, are often imbued with an energy from the maker and speak to us in some way, a connection that may be visual, sensual, or even personal. Certain textures, colours, shapes and materials often evoke memories, a sense of time and place, which may add to the feeling of being connected.

Vivien Haley Portait

As a textile printmaker and artist, it is the process of drawing, painting and in printing by hand, that enables the creative process and results in my interpretation of the landscape. The natural world a source of inspiration, as I make marks, shapes and motifs. The energy of the hand and mind, working in unison, to create the nuances and particularities. Each mark and brush stroke adds to the individuality and rhythm of the work. The choice of materials adds to the sensibility, whether a collage or textiles.

Working intuitively and organically, I feel the creative process reveals a visual language that is the essence of the maker and their hand.

Vivien Haley Natura 5 Collage detail 2015   30cm x 37cm

Vivien Haley Natura 5 Collage detail 2014   30cm x 37cm